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Valley Floral has been providing world-class products and customer services for decades which is why we have built a loyal customer base in multiple states. Our commitment to our craft and our customers has set us apart.

We pride ourselves in offering many benefits for choosing Valley Floral, including:

  • Decades of Wholesale Distribution: Serving your floral needs for over 80 years ~ Integrity & Quality you can trust!
  • One-Stop Shopping Experience: A wide selection of high-quality flowers & plants, and in-stock non-perishable supplies.
  • Global Selection: Access to flowers from all over the world.
  • Proprietary Cold Chain Process: Refrigerated cold chain flowers that last a minimum of 40% longer than anyone else in the 3-state area.
  • Best-in-Class Flower Sourcing: Specialize in hard-to-find and unique flowers.
  • Plant Acclimation: We acclimate our plants to Mid-West weather, so cut flowers stay fresh, plants thrive, and last longer.
  • Superior Water from Our Own Wells: We process all of our flowers using our own controlled wells that are then filtered through our unique water filtration system to remove minerals and chemicals that are harmful to flowers and plants.
  • Sophisticated Inventory Management System: Comprehensive order history designed to help florists avoid under or over-purchasing.
  • Customer Order History: Our proprietary software keeps your historical data which can assist with tracking, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Overnight Delivery: Local businesses will open shop with their order carefully delivered to their cooler. Out-of-town businesses receive their orders by noon of the next business day.
  • Weddings & Events: We have sources all over the world, even for unique or hard-to-find flowers.  If it’s available, we’ll get it for you!
  • Training & Education: In addition to onsite training events, we also support you with retail messaging. For example, Here’s something you can train your retail staff to say to your customers.  “When you get flowers from a grocery store, there’s a lot of ethylene gas that’s used, for example, to ripen apples and bananas. Well, it also is an aging process for flowers. When they get ethylene, they die quicker – Our flowers are transported within a cold storage process so they last significantly longer than our competitor’s products.”


When you come to Valley, you can count on:



You can count on Valley Floral to stand behind our word. We take our responsibility as advocates of retail florists very seriously and are committed to providing products, services, and support that enable our clients to be successful in an ever-changing industry.


We guarantee every flower and floral product we deliver. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we’ll make it right. Period.


You can trust us with your business, now and in the future. Whether it’s a product question or even questions about your business, we can assist you. We partner with you while keeping your and the industry’s best interests at heart. Our employees have been like family for 81 years, and you are our extended family.


You will always get the best product at a fair price. We have the freshest product, the largest variety of mixtures, and the support to get you product virtually anytime you need it. Simply give us a call.


Partner with Valley Floral, and you will reap the benefits of a great product, sales and marketing assistance, design techniques, and mentorship. All of this adds up to a successful retail shop where your customers will be proud to call you their florist.


We are floral education specialists. We consistently train ourselves and educate our partners in the best practices to be successful. We can assist your local shop in providing end-consumer training where you train and educate consumers, ensuring their long-term loyalty.

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