Superior Care for Longer-Lasting Flowers

We have been refining and improving our process since 1941. Decades of experience have made us the leading source of fresh-cut flowers in and around Kansas and Oklahoma.

Our System Makes Us a Cut Above the Rest

Our competitors simply do not use a dedicated and seamless system designed to keep flowers fresh and vibrant from beginning to end. Their process makes it nearly impossible to avoid shocking plants due to sudden temperature and humidity changes.

At Valley Floral, we go to great lengths to ensure that optimal care is being given to our flowers at every point of the supply chain so you can deliver world-class arrangements to your customers.

How We Do It

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1. Globally Sourced Flowers

In order for florists to deliver the highest quality products to their customers, they have to start with expert growers who take utmost care in raising healthy and vibrant flowers.

We are local growers based in Kechi, KS and source flowers from all over the world. Not any grower can become one of our vendors because we only source the highest quality flowers. Furthermore, we are also looking for greenhouses who share our vision for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


cold storage

2. Cold Supply Chain for Longer-Lasting Flowers

Our flowers are stored in cold storage throughout the entire product continuum which means that they’ll last an average of two weeks longer than other wholesale distributors.

The flowers are first delivered from our climate-controlled trucks and then moved into our temperature-controlled warehouse, where they chill as they adjust to local conditions. Without this process flowers will go into shock if not properly cared for, so we take the utmost care during this phase to monitor environmental conditions.

water well

3. Superior Water From Our Own Wells

Simply put, you can’t have long-lasting and vibrant flowers without quality water which cannot be found through municipal sources.

We use our own wells in order to provide the highest quality water possible. We continually monitor mineral levels, temperature, and other factors that will impact our final product. In order to extend the vibrancy of our flowers we use reverse osmosis to remove potentially harmful bacteria and other contaminants. Many of our competitors use city water treated with many chemicals that are detrimental to the longevity of plants.

Underwater Processing

4. Underwater Processing

Underwater processing extends the life of flowers by preventing harmful contaminants that accelerate decomposition.

We process flowers underwater in order to limit exposure to bacteria. This means that the flower will be preserved and safe from any harmful effects caused by these harmful germs, which would otherwise end up in your product if you used dry systems. Furthermore we work towards achieving clean room conditions during each stage of processing in order to maintain this high level of quality while flowers are in our hands.

Valley Floral Delivery

5. 7-Day Overnight Delivery

We save your business significant time and labor costs so you can focus on what you do best.

Get your order before your employees arrive at your shop. Our insured and vetted delivery team holds our partner’s keys in order to access their cooler day or night. As always, our delivery fleet is climate controlled in order to extend the life of your purchase.

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