Extend the Life of Your Products 7-14 Days Through Our Unique Cold Chain Process

Impress Your Customers with Longer-Lasting Flowers

Many customers expect their floral purchases to fade quickly within a day or two. It’s hard not to be disappointed when a new floral arrangement has to be discarded sooner than expected. Although this is normal at most floral shops, what if you could offer your customers something more?

Boost the Lifespan of Your Flower Arrangements

Provide your customers with floral arrangements that last longer. We know that florists are not simply selling flowers, but ways for people to show that they care.

At Valley Floral we want to make these gifts last, which is why our flower arrangements will stay vibrant for an average of two weeks longer than other wholesale distributors.

Want to discover how we extend the life of our flowers? Learn about our process below.

Why Valley Floral?

  • Our Flowers Last Longer
  • Unique Cold Storage Distribution
  • Wide Selection of Flowers, Plants, and Floral Accessories
  • Save time and money with overnight order delivery direct to your shop.

We have developed a thorough process which ensures that our flowers maintain an optimal temperature throughout the supply chain. Our attention to detail results in flowers that can stay fresh as much as 40% longer than our competitors.

Our competitors have not duplicated this world-class approach, which has set Valley Floral apart for over 80 years.

High Quality, Personal Service

Your unique and beautiful floral arrangements are only as amazing as the flowers that go into them. That’s why at Valley Floral we provide the ultimate level of quality and care from expert growers and industry professionals. Our customers enjoy personalized customer service and care, which brings our customers back for decades.


  • Assigned expert account manager
  • Comprehensive account history and documentation.
  • Access to training and educational resources

Flowers, Plants, Supplies

We offer a large selection of floral supplies at competitive prices. From vases and fillers to floral foam and preservatives, you can count on Valley Floral to be your one-stop shop for floral supplies at the best price, with a positive shopping experience that keeps you coming back.

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