Smarter Distribution Practices for Fresher Longer-Lasting Flowers

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The Valley Floral Difference

Packaging and transporting flowers from farms and distribution centers to customers isn’t as easy as you might think. Factors such as temperature, moisture, and oxygen content can dramatically affect the lifespan of cut flowers. Most flower distributors do not pay sufficient time and attention to these important facts, but attention to these details makes us the premiere flower distributor in our region.

Unbroken Cold Chain Process
for Longer-Lasting Flowers

We bring flowers to our warehouse from all over the world. Each plant is accustomed to different temperature and humidity requirements and any sudden changes will likely result in plant shock, dramatically reducing the longevity of flowers. At Valley Floral, we increase the life expectancy of our flowers by as much as 80% through a controlled, scientifically proven care and handling process from the time we source, to the time we deliver to your shop.

Our Cold Chain Fleet

Valley Floral has a dedicated fleet of trucks, owned and operated by our staff, to ensure proper handling and transportation. Our cold-chain transport system for all our flowers means they’re never stressed. The tolerance inside the trailers is less than 2 degrees and they are unloaded in a temperature-controlled dock to assist in the safe transportation process that maintains the freshness of the flowers.

Processing with Care

Once received, our flowers are then separated and moved to the appropriate cooler. Roses are processed and stored at 32.1 degrees with a humidity of 93% to ensure the life of the rose at its best, even on a 100-degree day.

Refrigerated handling and packing show the great care we use when processing your flower orders. They are packed a minimum of “one fist” from the edge of the box and cleated to prevent mechanical damage to the flowers.

The boxes move on a conveyor belt down the line from staging, never being tossed or mishandled.

Flowers Delivered Before Your Employees Arrive

We are open 7 days a week and offer overnight delivery so you never miss a beat.

Never wait around for flowers again. If you have refrigeration, our bonded and insured employees can access your facility so your team can arrive and begin arranging flowers first thing in the morning.

Our partners love the speed and convenience of having our insured team members place your flowers directly into your coolers before your business opens in the morning, as fresh and healthy as the day they were picked.

processing orders
We Help Manage Your Inventory

We Help Forecast Your Purchasing So You Can Avoid Overbuying or Underbuying Inventory

As long as you keep doing business with Valley, we keep tracking your inventory.
Our proprietary inventory management system will give you the insights you need to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

  • Comprehensive order history
  • Holiday and event forecasting data
  • Export order history

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