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Fresh & Supplies: Valley’s Fresh devision partners with farms who share in the commitment to act socially responsible as well as well as produce the highest quality flowers that meet the valley specification and are clod-chain driven. Being growers ourselves, we understand that different seasons produce different standards, and we’ll keep you posted on what to expect during the different seasons – No Surprises at Valley Floral.

Valley’s showroom features the latest trends in Baskets, Basic Supplies, Containers, Corsages and Prom Accessories, Glass, Ribbon, Silks, Trees and Christmas Decor.

Glass containers including Accent Decor, Brody and Syndicate are available. With this ever-changing world you will be on the cutting edge of glass containers from Valley’s warehouses.

Online ordering will soon be available from many of our manufactures allowing you the newest items and best pricing available. Online ordering will continue to increase and your customer representatives will keep you updated as to which manufacturers are offering this service.