State-of -the art facilities…

Despite our humble beginning from a cave in 1941, Valley Floral now occupies a 50,000-plus sq. ft. building that same 10 acres. Inside that building is a new refrigerated state-of-the-art packing and warehouse area of 20.000 sq. ft. Valley customers can enjoy a 40% or more increase in the life of their flowers when compared to those companies warehousing and delivering in temperatures above 40 degrees.

Greenhouse: Located in Kechi, Ks. (a quiet suburban town less then 10 miles from our facility in Wichita) is our greenhouse devision, where we have over 40,000 sq. ft. and offer everything from 3″ foliage to 30′ interior/landscape plants. A huge selection of florist quality green & blooming plants are available year around as well.

Our greenhouse devision specializes in high-end and unique plants, designing and growing custom combination patio planters and blooming baskets, Valley’s own “Bountiful Fall Harvest Mums,” award-winning poinsettias, and year-around production of azaleas. To ensure the best quality and selection of plants the market has to offer, we also visit and partner with outside growers from the east to west coast.

The greenhouse team is comprised of many years of experience from marketing/sales, horticulture technical schools and a master degree in horticulture, All plants are acclimated to the Midwest environment, fertilized (pesticides applied when applicable) prior to delivering to our forests. This ensures the longevity and health of the plants. Another Valley difference!

Recycling is promoted not with just the employees but our customers as well. We will pick up your discarded glower/plant boxes and reuse. Valley feels we can make a difference on this planet hearth by using recycled boxes, cleats, and paper. Promoting the importance of our envirement and finding new ways to recycle and reuse… Green thinking – thats Valley’s Thinking!

Refrigerated handling and packing that shows great care is what our team strives to deliver in ever order. The flowers are packed a minimum of a fist from the edge of the box and cleated to prevent mechanical damage to the flowers. Boxes are put on a conveyer to have them move down the line for staging, never being tosses or mishandled.

Receiving flowers and products that are unloaded by electric forklifts prevents mishandling inside refrigerated warehouses. There are 15 dock doors making it accessible for loading and unloading 24 hours a day.

After receiving and processing, Valley separates its flowers and moves them to an appropriate cooler. For example, roses are processed/stored at 32.1 degrees with humidity of 93% to ensure the life od the rose be at its best even on a 100 degree day.

Refrigerated delivery is being done with the newest technology available in refrigarated reefers and trucks. Tolerance is less then 2 degrees inside the trailers thus putting a stop to the botrytis problem that are creating during temperature differences.

Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma customers enjoy nighttime delivery an 95% are delivered before they arrive to their stores that morning – saving labor dollars and ensuring consistent, early delivery. Having employees clock-in and then waiting for products to show up costs you money. Another way Valley saves you $$$!